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Finance and Banking jobs

The banking and financial sector in the UAE is on a high growth curve since the digitalization and introduction of the VAT. Dubai has always been a preferred destination for finance and banking jobs. The introduction of new tax rules has led to a high demand for professionals with specialist skills in Digital transformation and automation diversification among others

With lots of banking jobs on offer with attractive remuneration package, UAE offers a lot of promising career choices. Some of the popular job openings in this field include compliance officers, anti-money laundering specialists and mergers, and acquisitions (M&A) associates, money management experts in customer banking, marketing, public relations, retail banking, credit operations, investment banking and more.


Educational qualifications for Banking Jobs in Dubai

Bachelor degree in commerce will make an ideal basic qualification. However, a masters degree in banking or finance preferably from reputed foreign universities will be a big plus for getting banking jobs in Dubai. MBA, MSc Banking & Finance, MSc Investment Banking, MSc Finance and Risk management, MSc Business Analytics, MSc Strategic Management, MSc International Business and MSc Marketing are some of the popular Post graduate courses that will help you land a job in banking sector.

In addition 1.Candidates should be experts in accounting
2.Able to interpret financial information and make sound judgments
3.Ability to comprehend large amounts of information
4.Capable of maintaining customer/client portfolios
5.Knowledge of regulations and procedures affecting banking and financial services sector
6.Problem-solving abilities and strong analytical skills to understand financial figures and anticipate future trends
7.Strong communication skills

Career advancement opportunities

As banking career is international in nature, it gives excellent opportunity for the career aspirants to develop an understanding of the global economy, which in turn will help them take up job openings in international and private banks across the world. Banking and finance jobs in Dubai indeed offer endless opportunity

Seek the services of a Career coach

Working with a career coach could be beneficial in standing out in the competitive job market and pick up some of the critical skills in this specific job niche. It will go a long way in increasing your value proposition and help you develop a vast and resourceful network. A career coach will also help you charge you in profile building, online branding and preparing for the interview.